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Puppy Jump Start


Building a solid foundation is essential in the early stages of a puppy's life. The first six months are pivotal in molding your puppy's future demeanor. Puppies, like young children, experience a crucial phase where curiosity and sociability take precedence over fear, making them more receptive to new faces, fellow animals, and novel experiences. In this fearless period, your puppy is naturally inclined to explore and absorb knowledge from their surroundings.

Our Puppy Jump Start Program is crafted to offer an optimal mix of training, playtime, and social interaction, tailored specifically to meet your unique requirements. Embark on this journey with us to ensure your puppy's path to becoming a well-adjusted, sociable, and confident companion.

One on One Sessions

Puppy Star Program

6 week course $ 1,000

Board and Train 

Puppy Jump Start

Obedience, Manners & Socialization

3 week program $ 2,800

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