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Board & Train Services Available!

Welcome to 5 StarDogAcademy, where we specialize in board and train programs that transform your furry friend's behavior. With our certified experts, your dog will receive customized training that caters to their specific needs. Say goodbye to bad habits and hello to a well-behaved dog!

Deluxe Canine Boarding Experience: A Home Away From Home For Your Furry Friend


Are you planning a getaway this holiday season but worried about leaving your beloved dog behind? Worry no more! At 5Star Dog Academy, we offer an exceptional boarding service that ensures your dog enjoys a vacation as memorable and fun-filled as yours.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Professional Care: Our team of professional carers is passionate about dogs and trained in canine behavior and first aid. They provide round-the-clock care and attention, ensuring your dog’s safety, comfort, and happiness.

  2. Tailored Exercise and Socialization: Every dog is unique, and we celebrate that! We tailor our exercise and socialization programs to suit your dog’s personality and energy levels. From playful group activities to serene solo walks, we have it all.

  3. Obedience and Manners Training: Holidays are not just for fun; they’re for learning too! Our skilled trainers engage your dog in basic obedience and manners training, turning their boarding experience into an opportunity for growth and development.

  4. Constant Updates: Being away from your pet can be hard, so we provide regular updates and photos of your dog’s holiday adventures. Stay connected and reassured that they’re having the time of their life!

  5. Health and Nutrition: Your dog's health is our priority. We provide nutritious meals tailored to dietary needs and have a vet on call 24/7 for any health concerns.

  6. Special Requests? No Problem! Have specific needs or requests? Our flexible services cater to special diets, medication schedules, and any other specific care your dog requires.


Peace of Mind Guaranteed:
At 5 Star Dog Academy, we understand the bond you share with your dog. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide a safe, fun, and loving environment. Rest assured, while you're sipping cocktails on the beach or carving down ski slopes, your dog will be enjoying their own fantastic holiday experience.

Book your dog's stay with us today and let them enjoy a vacation as great as yours!

Contact us today to get started! (702) 786-5112

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