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Board & Train Services

Our Board & Train service option allows us to customize and isolate your dogs training needs with our 1-on-1 specialized program.

Say goodbye to bad habits and hello to a well-behaved dog!

Deluxe Canine Boarding Experience: A Home Away From Home For Your Furry Friend


 At 5 Star Dog Academy, we offer an exceptional boarding and train service that ensures your dog enjoys a  custom training program tailored to their own personality.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Professional Care: Our team of professional carers is passionate about dogs and trained in canine behavior and first aid. They provide round-the-clock care and attention, ensuring your dog’s safety, comfort, and happiness.

  2. Tailored Exercise and Socialization: Every dog is unique, and we celebrate that! We tailor our exercise and socialization programs to suit your dog’s personality and energy levels. From playful group activities to serene solo walks, we have it all.

  3. Obedience and Manners Training: Our skilled trainers engage your dog in obedience and manners training, turning their boarding experience into an opportunity for growth and development.

  4. Constant Updates: Being away from your pet can be hard, so we provide regular updates and photos of your dog’s holiday adventures. Stay connected and reassured that they’re having the time of their life!

  5. Health and Nutrition: Your dog's health is our priority. You provide nutritious meals tailored to your pets dietary needs.  We ask that you inform us on any and all feeding instructions.

  6. Special Requests? No Problem! Have specific needs or requests? Our flexible services cater to special diets, medication schedules, and any other specific care your dog requires.

Peace of Mind Guaranteed:
At 5 Star Dog Academy, we understand the bond you share with your dog. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide a safe, fun, and loving environment. Rest assured your dog will be enjoying their own fantastic training experience.

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 3 Week Board and Train Program


This program is designed for dogs that are NOT human/dog aggressive or that have high levels of fear and anxiety— as that takes longer to work with and to instill new behaviors.  Our obedience program covers on leash obedience, and we address some minor state of mind issues such as arousal, excitement, and “selective listening.” Although we never hold a dog back, so if we are able to introduce some off leash obedience we will.

Our main objective is creating a calmer dog that listens is all environments and is not reactive to all of the stimuli around your home and in the world. We look at dog training as a lifestyle .


Our 3 week program will cover the following: Walking properly on a leash without pulling, barking, lunging, sniffing, or reacting to dogs and/or distractions. Sit, Down and Place command.  Correcting behaviors – jumping up on people, jumping on counter tops, mouthing, nipping, Recall training, Minor Separation Anxiety (some separation issues need a longer program).  Building confidence with your dog so you get a better well-mannered dog. This is also great for nervous fearful dogs. Setting the proper foundation to last a lifetime.


All Board and Train programs include three hours of private one-on-one training.  One go home training session at the time your k9 companion goes home. You also receive two follow-up sessions to be scheduled at the owner’s and trainer’s discretion.  This program is made for puppies to adult dogs. 

PRICE: 3 WEEK | $ 2,800 

5 week Behavior Modification program

Working with challenging dogs is not like working on a simple obedience command. It is more intense work and it often and takes an extended period of time to instill new habits and behaviors in your dog. How far can your dog go in a longer program? We will take your dog as far as we can depending on its individual abilities. At a minimum, our goal is for dogs to be able to exist around humans and other dogs in real-world situations. As far as how much direct interaction they can have, we will not know until we start working the dog. We will always give you an honest assessment during and after training of what your dog’s immediate limitations will be. The great thing is when you follow through with our training program (you get 3 hours of 1/1 training with us).  In many cases we are able to get positive results in our 3 week program.  A quick phone call can go a long way. Please give us a call to talk to trainer before considering this program. 


In our 5 week Behavioral Modification Board and Train will learn the following: Walking properly on a leash without pulling, barking, lunging, sniffing, or reacting to dogs and/or distractions.  Sit, Down the Place command, correcting bad behaviors – jumping up on people, jumping on counter tops, mouthing, nipping, chasing, playing keep-away Recall training.  Heeling properly on leash and eliminating leash reactivity.  Building confidence with your dog so you get a better off well mannered dog. This is also great for nervous fearful dogs.  Work with your dog on the anxiety and fear that is driving most unwanted behaviors.  Stopping reactivity toward humans and other dogs.  Existence in the real world like stores, parks, cafes etc. Socialization with other dogs.  Addressing any and all bad behaviors that might show up.



This program is designed for dogs that are exhibiting intense fear aggression, human aggression, and biting with intent to harm humans or animals. We do get dogs in that are truly aggressive, and when that happens we have to spend more time with the dog.  Our aggression board and train is week program, and your dog will go out on public outings, experience the world, and achieve solid obedience training. Our aggression rehab program is for dogs who are truly dangerous to their families or to society. We can make some incredible progress with these dogs, it often just requires a village to achieve the results we hold our standards to.


PRICE: 5 WEEK |$ 5,500

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